Above: first OSL session at the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, University of Sussex, 20 June 2015 with students from East Sussex Academy of Music

Below: Brighton Festival, Sunday 6 May 2018, ACCA. OSL and 59 students from Hastings Academy, St Richard's Bexhill, BHASVIC in Brighton and East Sussex Academy of Music in Lewes perform 31 new works written by the students during a series of workshops from January to April 2018. Further details here

Below: Southover C of E Primary School, Lewes, Friday 29 June 2018. OSL and 60 year 6 students perform their own compositions to 'Autumn' from Cesca Eaton's film: Spider, Cliffs, Goose, Blackberries, Seagulls




Date: 16-17th June 2016

Duration: 5:05 min

Video below:

  • OSL workshop at Dorothy Stringer School, centered around creating and performing music using iPads to a 1903 silent film of Alice in Wonderland





Date: 20th June 2015

Duration: 2:45 min

Videos below:

  • OSL workshop at the East Sussex Academy of Music, 23 October 2015

  • New Music Players perform Alice and Voyage to the Moon


Introducing composition methods in Alice in Wonderland

ESAM, 23 Oct 2015

Writing well for ensemble

ESAM, 23 Oct 2015

New Music Players perform Alice in Wonderland

The Warehouse, Waterloo, London 25 Sept 2015

New Music Players perform Voyage to the Moon

The Warehouse, Waterloo, London 25 Sept 2015

Can pitched instruments play percussively? 

ESAM, 23 Oct 2015

Using mutes on strings

ESAM, 23 Oct 2015


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