The Songbook: recordings & scores

Watch and listen to our four new commissioned songs and new works by BHASVIC students

Recordings by Classical Media


Explore new notated scores by our professional composers as pdfs: 

Evelyn Ficarra: What Larks

Ed Hughes: Sky Rhythms

Rowland Sutherland: Modes of the Downs

How do our professional composers put their music together? 
Discover sketches by Evelyn Ficarra and Ed Hughes in our FREE Pack


Coming soon:

  • new scores and recordings by student composers from East Sussex Academy of Music and Hastings Academy

Upload your new song! 

If you've written a new song inspired by this project, send us an mp3 or a video and we'll upload it here! 

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South Downs Songbook: Four New Songs

Watch and listen to our first four commissions by Evelyn Ficarra, Ed Hughes, Rowland Sutherland and Shirley J Thompson. 

Event programme including programme notes, song texts here


BHASVIC: Friday 24 June 2022

Watch and listen to new songs by A level music students at BHASVIC, written to the South Downs Songbook brief. You can skip to each piece by clicking on the chapters under the film in Youtube. 

Event programme including programme notes for every song here